Css Box Model

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Css Box Model

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What is Box Model?...โ€ฆ

First of all, the Box model is a very helpful property to set margin, padding, border, and padding around HTML elements. Well, there are different parts we will give focus on step by step...๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Content: It means you can write some text or put images on the content of the box.
  2. Padding: It is utilized to set the padding around the content part.
  3. Border: It goes around the padding content. Also, it increases the beauty of our content
  4. Margin: Well we can give margin outside the border.




In addition to that, We can give top, left, right, and bottom in all padding, border, and margin of the CSS box model.




To conclude, This is a very small article because, there is nothing but just only to give padding, margin, border of CSS box model(content)โ€ฆ.